Slow return to this website/blog


I have not posted here in just over a decade.  Sorry, real life got in the way.   In summary:

2013-2018 I changed jobs and was working for myself along with as an independent contractor (Consultant) for a large firm.  The Consultant work put me on the road between 26 and 40 weeks out of the year.  YES, 40 weeks one year.  The rest averaged around 34 weeks on the road.  Multiple times I would come home on a Saturday night (arriving around 6pm), do wash, eat dinner with the family, finish wash, go to bed and then leave 4am to head back to the airport on Sunday morning and gone for another 6 days.  Yes, I was home less than 12 hours.   I think the record was home 9 hours between trips.  However, there were multiple times where I would fly to client/event #1, leave and fly to client/event #2, leave and fly to client/event #3 before finally returning home.  Every time I was on the road to a client or event location I was scheduled for 6 days (Monday through Saturday noon).   Thus, many of these trips I would be on the road 14 or 21 days straight without seeing my family. 

In 2014 my wife closed her medical practice and became a salaried employee for an Urgent Care Center.

In 2019 I couldn't take it any longer and things were working out that I would be on the road for 40 weeks for a second time.  Half way through the year I said, "No" one time to many and got push back from my manager and his boss.  I needed to be on the road more.  So I said, "Your choice, no or I resign".  They pushed and pushed and pushed and so I said, "My private business has grown as much as the work from y'all, in order to better serve my direct clients, Bye".     

2020 and then COVID-19 hit the US.  I lost 75% of my business over the month of May and June.  I was able to continue and keep my business open, thankfully due to my wife having changed to a salaried position in 2014. 

2021 COVID-19 continued to impact my business with slow growth re-starting in June 2021.  

2022 In March I had an angio-cath done and found that I had 100% blockage of the "Widow maker", along with 85% and 60% in two other arteries.  I had Open Heart Triple Bypass surgery and have been recovering ever since.   In May 2022 (7 weeks after Open Heart surgery), my wife and I travelled to the Artic Circle.

And so that brings y'all up to speed.  I recently started Solo-RPGing and will be organizing and posting to this blog.  No idea how things will go, if like other endeavours, probably slowly.