10 Adventurer Guild Job Postings


So here is something new from me.  Random Tables for Solo RPG play or to use in your group RPG games.

Roll 1d10 


1) Save the Prince: On Success:1200gp, +1 Reputation On Failure:-800gp, -2 Reputation, -5 "skill points"/Levels between all party members.

The kingdom is in turmoil because the prince and heir to the throne has been taken hostage by an evil Skeleton. Explore the area North west from your current location. Here the adventurers will locate the Skeleton's camp. Rescue the Prince.

Before each combat turn, roll 1d20:
15-19: the Skeleton moves towards the Prince, each PC gains 1 attack of opportunity. (all distances must be taken into account)
20: the Skeleton cast a Death-Ray spell at the prince. Each PC gets 1 action to distract Skeleton to stop the Prince from being killed.

If Skeleton has previously moved towards the Prince, roll 1d10:
1-4: moves closer
5-7:Skeleton stabs Prince for 12 damage, +3 bleeding damage per turn.
8-10:Skeleton slashes Prince's throat for 16 damage and 7 bleeding damage per turn.

If Prince dies, PCs suffer an additional -3 Reputation. Each member of the party needs to roll 1d20. If any PC rolls a Natural 1: the King places a bounty of 8400gp per PC. The PCs are now "WANTED" and suffer a -5 penalty to all reaction rolls. PCs must use disguises to enter any settlement.

Any escape reaction roll by the monsters should be ignored.
2) Extended Dungeon Delve: (Enc Modifier: +10 On Success:3000gp On Failure:-300gp)
Enter and explore the dungeon as indicated on the provided map. Explore 4 levels of the dungeon. Explore at least 500 feet on the lowest level.
3) Medicine Hunt: (Enc Modifier: -10 On Success:34gp On Failure:-1/3 gold)
An illness is spreading through the area. Collect 3 sesame (Sesamum indicum) in order for the priest of the village to make a cure.
4) Mystic Study: (to be expanded on)
5) Relic Expedition: (to be expanded on)
6) Manuscript Hunt: (to be expanded on)
7) Explore Dungeon: (Enc Modifier: -5 On Success:300gp On Failure:-900gp)
Enter and explore the dungeon as indicated on the provided map. Your assignment is to explore either the entire dungeon or 2875 feet into the dungeon. (Whichever is less).
8) Totem of Finesse: The Totem has been lost to the ages, however, a local shaman recently was given a piece of cloth with a new "clue" to the Totem location.  The Shaman would like for the adventurer's to travel to a lost temple in the nearest desert and locate the Totem.   Totem of Finesse +5 Dexterity while carried in off-hand, +3 Dexterity if worn as necklace/amulet, +1 Dexterity if carried on person (belt bag, back pack, etc).
9) Treasure Expedition:  The adventurer's have found either a map, a description or heard a tale of lost treasures.  Travel 6 Hexes and locate an old ruin in that or one of the adjacent hexes.   Use Overland Travel rules for this expedition.  Each hex = 36 miles.  Exploration of a single hex should take 3-4 days.   Roll 1d20 each 1/2 day.  Roll of 1 or 20, ruins found.   1 = Correct ruins.  20 = wrong ruins, but party will find a letter/book/map showing the location of the correct ruins.  Randomly assign location at least 1 day away from the found ruins.
10) Extended Dungeon Delve: (Enc Modifier: +10 On Success:1000gp On Failure:200gp)

Enter and explore the dungeon as indicated on the provided map. Explore 2 levels of the dungeon. Explore at least 200 feet on the lowest level.