"Bandit Surprise" - One Shot Side Adventure #2


The sun was high in the sky as your party of adventurers approached the small village of Oakdale. As you entered the town square, you noticed a group of people huddled around a notice board. Upon closer inspection, you saw that the notice was a call for help from the town's mayor.

According to the notice, a group of bandits had been terrorizing the town and stealing from the merchants. The mayor was offering a reward for anyone who could bring an end to the bandits' reign of terror.

Your party decides to take on the task and set off to track down the bandits. After several hours of searching, you come across a small campsite on the outskirts of town. As you approach, you see the bandits lounging around their campfire, completely unaware of your presence.

You have a few options at this point. You could try to sneak up on the bandits and catch them off guard, or you could confront them head on and try to intimidate them into surrendering.

If you choose to sneak up on the bandits, you'll need to make a stealth check to see if you can get close enough to take them down without being noticed. If you succeed, you'll be able to take out several of the bandits before they have a chance to react.

If you choose to confront the bandits head on, you'll need to make a persuasion check to see if you can talk them into surrendering peacefully. If you succeed, you'll be able to bring an end to the conflict without any further violence.

However, if either of these attempts fail, you'll need to engage the bandits in combat. The bandits are a tough group, but with your party's skills and abilities, you should be able to emerge victorious.

After defeating the bandits, you return to the town of Oakdale to collect your reward from the grateful mayor. Your adventure in Oakdale may have been just a side quest, but it was a valuable experience that helped to strengthen your skills and earn some much-needed gold.