"Dark and Misty" - A One-shot Adventure Scenario


The players find themselves in a small village on the outskirts of a dense forest. They have been summoned by the village elder, who tells them that a powerful artifact has been stolen from the local temple. The artifact is said to be able to grant immense power to whoever possesses it, but it must be returned to the temple before it falls into the wrong hands.

The village elder has heard rumors that the thieves have fled into the forest, and he believes that they are planning to use the artifact to summon a powerful demon. The players must venture into the dark and misty forest to track down the thieves and retrieve the artifact before it's too late.

As they make their way through the forest, the players must contend with treacherous terrain, dangerous creatures, and eerie supernatural phenomena. The mist is so thick that visibility is limited, and the players must use their wits and skills to navigate the forest and avoid getting lost.

As they get deeper into the forest, the players come across a clearing where they find the thieves performing a dark ritual to summon the demon. They must fight the thieves and their minions to retrieve the artifact. The fight will be difficult, as the thieves have harnessed the power of the artifact to make themselves stronger and more dangerous.

If the players are successful, they will have saved the village and prevented the demon from being summoned. They can return the artifact to the temple and be rewarded by the village elder. If they fail, the demon will be unleashed upon the land and the players will have to face the consequences of their failure.

---- DM NOTES ----

This is a DARK and MISTY adventure.  The fog is so thick it makes navigation difficult.  Thus, for this adventure travel through the forest should be a significant amount of game time. 

Have the PCs decide on one PC that will be the navigator (best survival, navigation, outdoors skills).  Every 10'-50' of travel should create an opportunity for a PC skill check for direction.  On failed rolls, take the difference between the required success and the actual roll.  For example if the character needs a 15 or less and rolls 18, then they missed by 3.  Using a standard Hex starting at the top as 1 move clockwise to each face for 2, 3, 4 (down), 5 and 6.   2,3 are the angle faces to the right and 5,6 are the angle faces to the left.   The miss calculated above would be the direction of travel PCs actual move.   This way there is a 1 in 6 chance that while they are lost, they actually moved in the right direction.

Every 50'-100' there should be a check for a random event:  Encounter, Trap, Marsh, Cave, Object, Non-Encounter Creature (squirrel), Unique Feature, Noise in distance, etc.

Travel from Village should be between 5,000' (about 1 mile) and 15,000' (3 miles) before encountering the thieves.  Checking every 10' and 50' will make this travel time long and much of the game time.   Remember that game time of 2-3 hours might be only 20 minutes of travel time.

Use of Random Tables from multiple sources should be used.  Changes in terrain should occur no more often than once every 1,500'-2,500' and should be slow and gradual.  If a Random table wants the terrain to change from Forest to Desert, it should occur over 1,500'-2,500'.  Meaning it will be 4,500'-7,500' to exit one terrain type, travel in the new terrain type and exit it before a new terrain type can be fully encountered.