Mountain Bandits - A one-shot adventure for any RPG system


The adventurers find themselves in a small mountain village, the local innkeeper has just informed them of a recent string of thefts that have been taking place in the area. 

The local militia suspect a band of bandits have been targeting the village for some time, but have had no luck tracking them down.

The adventurers have been requested to investigate the thefts, and put an end to the banditry.  
They are given a map of the area and told to search the nearby mountains for any sign of the bandits. The adventurers make their way up the mountain, and after a few hours of climbing, they come across a small cabin in a clearing. The door is open and inside they find a band of bandits, who immediately draw their weapons and demand to know who the adventurers are.

The adventurers must then decide how to proceed. Do they attack the bandits and try to take them down, or do they attempt to negotiate and try to get the bandits to leave the area peacefully?

Whichever path they choose, they must be careful, as the bandits are no pushovers and they are not alone. In the corner of the cabin, they find a strange figure, a powerful mage who the bandits have been using to help them with their thefts.