Games, games and more games


Our free2play portion of our website has really taken off and is growing left and right.  We have over 400 games published to the site with another 300 games pending publication over the next few days. 

Remember all of these games are previewed (not fully reviewed) by myself to insure that they are appropriate for children and teenagers.  I have removed the chinese games, games related to adult themes like drugs and alcohol.  If I have missed one PLEASE PLEASE use our contact page to let me know the name of the game so I can remove it. I want this to be a family friendly site and not just another dump of any and all games available for your use.

While I don't really like a lot of the games that are available due to their simplicity or generic graphics, I have found that some of the "less well rounded" games are actually the games kids like to play.  Therefore, I have left otherwise seemingly low-end games in place instead of removing them as they actually may appeal to visitors.

I hope you enjoy these games, over the course of the next few days I will be finishing up the sub-section of our website and get back to programming.  I have my first entry into the mobile app market almost complete.  Just waiting for some finalized artwork and tweaking some of the sprites and code and will be beta testing by the end of the month.