Ant Attack Game


Ant Attack Main Menu

Ant Attack is one of the many games I am working on.  This concept of idea demo was developed using Game Maker 8.1

Basically, my ultimate goal is to have a program that runs on IPad/Itouch and Android based smartphones/tablets.  The concept is to squish the invading ant hordes.  For now, you must use your mouse to click on em to kil them.

Black ants are easy to kill with a single "hit" (left-click).  Blue ants require 2 "hits" to kill, Red ant require 3 "hits" to kill and Gold/Yellow ants are basically like Black ants but are fast.  This demo version includes basic high scores, instructions and placeholder art.  Final Art is still a work in the process.

Youc an download and share the demo file here AntSquash.exe

Enjoy and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.