Company Formed:  July 2011
How Long Game Designing: Since 1981. Restarted active design and development 2007.
Website Design/Implemented: August 2011
First Game Release: pending - several in development
Number of Games Developed/Published to date: 6 / 0
Genres: Action, First Person Shooter (FPS), MMORPG, Puzzle, Social/Causal, Gambling
Worker Drones:

Kevin Perryman
Texas, U.S.A.
Kevin started programming in 1981 as a teenager.  The first game he ever developed was a shoot-em-up alien spaceship game for the Vic 20 and Commadore 64.  The game utilized primiative sprites that resembled Star War's Tie Fighters.  In college Kevin developed a Haunted House text-based RPG-style game, ala Zork by InfoCom.  Programming the text-based game was more about developing an "engine" that would process a data-file that specified each room, objects that could be manipulated in the room, manipulation of objects in specific ways and travel between rooms.  Throughout his high school and college years Kevin was a gaming-dork playing Dungeons & Dragons, Paranoia, Twilight 2000, TFT:Melee & TFT:Wizard, Ogre, Car Wars, Axis and Allies, along with numerous other RPG games.

Until recently, Kevin has spent most of his programming time in database design and development for the healthcare industry.  However, even then, Kevin's programming time had dwindled to very limited amounts of time as he took over management responsibilities and duties.  About two years ago, Kevin came across different programming languages/tools designed specifically for game development.  PureBasic, Dark Basic, FPS Creator, the Blitz line of compilers, Game Maker and GLBasic.  Kevin has been developing his skills in several of these products and has re-kindled his interest and desires to program games. 

Currently, Kevin is working on multiple projects including:

  • a 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) based loosely on Rouge/NetHack
  • a hand-eye coordination game for Android and iPhone/iPad
  • slot machine games with skill-based bonus rounds
  • a basic MMORPG-engine for running his own RPG-game environment that he has developed over the years

Kevin is still an avid gamer playing not only his "old"-RPG games but also newer, online MMORPG's including:

Fredrik Ringefors
Nybro, Sweden
Graphic Artist, recently completed college and is looking for real work.  If you need someone in this area, please drop us a line using our Contact page and we will get you in touch with each other.


More Info

We are always looking for talented individuals who want to do something on their own and not for someone else. 

We need programmers, artist, sound mixers, musicians, and on and on and on.

We do not offer any pay or benefits, but we do offer partial ownership in projects worked on.  Ownership implies that should we get any products to market (and we do plan on getting at least Ad-Supported and low cost Mobile apps out) that you would share in any financial compensation made from such product. 

If you are interested in discussing our current needs please use our contact form located on this site.