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I have not posted here in just over a decade.  Sorry, real life got in the way.   In summary:

2013-2018 I changed jobs and was working for myself along with as an independent contractor (Consultant) for a large firm.  The Consultant work put me on the road between 26 and 40 weeks out of the year.  YES, 40 weeks one year.  The rest averaged around 34 weeks on the road.  Multiple times I would come home on a Saturday night (arriving around 6pm), do wash, eat dinner with the family, finish wash, go to bed and then leave 4am to head back to the airport on Sunday morning and gone for another 6 days.  Yes, I was Read More

Part 2: Developing a Magic System for RPG


OK so lots of information posted in the prior post.  This is going to be a real quick post about restrictions/prohibitations related to learning the different planes of magic and associated penalties. Read More

Part 1: Developing a Magic System for RPG


This is a system I have been working on since around July 2009.

Over the past several months I have been working more and more on this magic system for RPG style games.  One of the major things that I have contemplated is that most magic systems do not actually look at the underlying "energies" involved.  These "energies" must interact not only with the Player Character and Non-Player Characters but also the world that they interact with.

What I have developed is basically a system Read More

Interesting new MMO game


Found this the other day while trying to do some research on MMORPG's 

Looks kinda of interesting. Looks like it will have an MMORPG seperate from the Sandbox version. Sandbox version is suppose to be similar to MineCraft but space themed.

Check it out by clicking the image below.

Miner Wars MMO

Maze for Rouge-likes


I have been working on a "Rouge-like" maze program for the past year and half.  Granted, most of the time is off the project, more so than on the project.  Basically, I have worked on it when I had available time away from my normal day job, family life and my secondary Computer Support/Consulting/Programming paying jobs.

One of the first hurdles to creating a Rogue-like is random maze generation.  There are a multitude of ways to generate "mazes" and they are all good.  However, they tend to be lots of hallways and very few rooms.  I wanted to generate "extremely large" mazes with lots of rooms connected by short and long hallways with some deadends and of course multiple-paths from the entry (up staircase) to the exit of the level (downstair case)

After studying different methods of generation of mazes, I decided to take a completely unique approach.  I sat down with a sheet of graph paper and started generating a random maze map by hand.  I took careful notes on the process I employeed and then sat back with the results to determine if there was a way to mimic the process via programming logical.  With a few tweaks and a couple of revisions, I ended up with a program that provides the following types of maps. 

Just Click on an image to see a full size version of the map


Moderate Size


Medium Size


Large Size

Level_11.maze (Small)

Small Size

Level_19.maze (small)

Small Size

Level_31.maze (really large)

Large Size

Read More

Ant Attack Game


Ant Attack Main Menu

Ant Attack is one of the many games I am working on.  This concept of idea demo was developed using Game Maker 8.1

Basically, my ultimate goal is to have a program that runs on IPad/Itouch and Android based smartphones/tablets.  The concept is to squish the invading ant hordes.  For now, you must use your mouse to click on em to kil them.

Black ants are easy to kill with a single "hit" (left-click).  Blue ants require 2 "hits" to kill, Red ant require 3 "hits" to kill and Gold/Yellow ants are basically like Black ants but are fast.  This demo version includes basic high scores, instructions and placeholder art.  Final Art is still a work in the process.

Youc an download and share the demo file here AntSquash.exe

Enjoy and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Games, games and more games


Our free2play portion of our website has really taken off and is growing left and right.  We have over 400 games published to the site with another 300 games pending publication over the next few days. 

Read More

Halloween Games


Check out our Free2Play games and all of the Halloween themed games that have been added in just the past 24 hours.

Looking forward to Turkey Shootin' games for Thanksgiving and who knows what for Christmas, maybe Reindeer killing spree or possibly Physics based get Santa downt he chimney.  I have no idea, but I want to thank all of the game design authors for their whimsical games.  Thanks for all the hard work so we can have fun.

YAGDS games will be joining the plethora of game content on the web in the near future.  It will be posted here first!





Free2Play all the time, Are you Free2Play?

We have added a Free2Play Flash Game site under the Free2Play link in the Nav Bar.

Are you Free2Play?  If so, come on over and enjoy Free Games, Available all the time!  More features coming soon!

Check it out today! is now registered by  We have a completly seperate game site devoted to flash games and in-browser games. currently has over 1,500 games.  New content added daily.  Check it out.

Ultima Creator selling Mansion


Richard Garriott, creator of the Ultima Universe Role-playing computer games is selling his Mansion Britannia Manor II.  Read the full story here at