Where we are


Well this is the first of hopefully many, many blog-post to come.  Basically, just want to get the ball rolling, so the speak, and provide a limited look through the keyhole.

Current Projects

  1. Escape from Dwarf Mountain - a First Person Shooter-type game where the object is to get out of a Dwarf Prison and through multiple-levels of Dwarf occupied mines.  Three levels of play provide for different time requirements and styles of play.  Easy will be a 10 level, easy to kill Dwarfs mobs only, lots of loot dungeon.  Moderate will be a 25 level, semi-tough mobs (Dwarfs + some other nasties), less loot dungeon.  Hard will be a 100 level, hard to kill mobs (a few Dwarfs, with lots of other nasties and maybe one or two Dragons), loot based on level and difficulty of mobs. This game was first started as part of The Game Creators and INTEL Atom Developers "But I Want to Explode Zombies on my Netbook" Competition.  The game was not finished in time, as a lack of good 3-D artwork prohibited us from releasing an unfinished game.  The game draws from the original ROUGE/Nethack by making LARGE RANDOMLY GENERATED 512x512 and 1024x1024 dungeon level mazes.  The game also features perma-death mode or death-restarts level with limited save (only current level is saved and you can not go back to previous levels).

    3D representation of part of the randomly generated mazeEscape From Dwarf Mountain - part of large randomly generated maze

    Dwarf Model from Escape from Dwarf MountainEscape from Dwarf Mountain - Dwarf Model

Textual representation of part of the large randomly generated mazePart of Randomly Generated Maze for Escape from Dwarf Mountain

  1. ATTACK OF THE KILLER .... - No not tomatoes, but something.  Can not get to specific here as this game is headed for deploymet on touch-sensative devices in the near future.  Quick game play style with extensive Hand-Eye coordination coupled to interesting story-line.  This is not another shoot-em up style game but a game that will involve a multi-part storyline (at least 4 distinct game episodes have already been designed based on the storyline).
  2. Duffer - A golf-based slot game with skill-based bonus rounds.  Slot machines meet Computer Golf simulation bonus rounds.
  3. Random-Acts-of-Kindness - a game with a social interaction, good citizen twist.  Two modes of play: Quick-play, out and about with your smartdevice?  Click on "Random Act of Kindness" to get an assignment, maybe "Help an elder-person cross traffic", or "Carry the groceries", basically a game that will make us stop and look around for all of the opportunites we otherwise might miss.  Points-play, get an assignment (starts out easy) and get points for completing.  Will be required to click a picture of you accomplishing the act and posting to your Facebook/Twitter page for the world to see how good you are.  Each assignment comes with points that you will accumulate.  New assigments automatically made upon completion of open assignment.  Fail to do an assignment and you will lose points. This is kind of like T.A.G. (The Assassain Game) but in reverse.
  4. Video Poker Helper - a basic video poker game, but will allow you to see the cards/hands that you could have had.  Early version of this game is a straight Random Video Poker game.  It does not utilize any of kind of "payout precentage" requirements.  Uses basic Video Poker payout tables.
  5. MMORPG-ServerEngine and RPG-Enviroment - an engine for designing and running a MMORPG Server along with a RPG-Environment builder to define the game-world.  RPG races, classes, stats, professions, et. al. are based on years of RPG play time.  The engine will allow for the rendering of graphics, storage/tracking of skills and inventory, stateful recognition of all NPCs and Objects, and so much more.  This Engine is approximatedly 65-75% designed and only 10-15% implemented as it is an intense undertaking.  Looking at a couple 100,000 lines of code when it is finished.  Ultimately I want there to be a end-user Adventure Builder that will allow players to design their own "adventures".  An "Adventure" might be a dungeon in an already defined "world" or it might be a completely new world. I like to describe this idea as "Dream Park" meets "Star Trek: The Next Generation - Holodecks", meets "Game Master".

Future Projects

Lots of notes with no specific designs in work.  Always looking for new ideas.  Drop us a line if you have a game idea that you would like to collaborate with us on.


YAGDS is a small, independent, private held organization that is looking to work with other like-minded individuals.  We do not foresee any time that we will employee individuals as much as we will collaborate on projects.  We can bring to the table, programming experience and business operations experience.  I would like to develope a pool of talent where other game designers can come to us and pitch ideas that will garner the need expertise from our friends.  In the near future we will be starting a "Classified" advertising section that will allow individuals to post "Can Provide" and "Needed" posting.  However, due to the multitude of jerks that navigate through the net looking for websites to exploit and ravage with garbage and spam, the system will be limited to "members" only.  Membership will be free, but will be monitored closely and at the sole-discretion fo YAGDS and our moderators.  Look for this valuable feature in the next month or so.

Well there is about a dozen other items, but for now, I will end things here.

Take care and have fun.