Maze for Rouge-likes


I have been working on a "Rouge-like" maze program for the past year and half.  Granted, most of the time is off the project, more so than on the project.  Basically, I have worked on it when I had available time away from my normal day job, family life and my secondary Computer Support/Consulting/Programming paying jobs.

One of the first hurdles to creating a Rogue-like is random maze generation.  There are a multitude of ways to generate "mazes" and they are all good.  However, they tend to be lots of hallways and very few rooms.  I wanted to generate "extremely large" mazes with lots of rooms connected by short and long hallways with some deadends and of course multiple-paths from the entry (up staircase) to the exit of the level (downstair case)

After studying different methods of generation of mazes, I decided to take a completely unique approach.  I sat down with a sheet of graph paper and started generating a random maze map by hand.  I took careful notes on the process I employeed and then sat back with the results to determine if there was a way to mimic the process via programming logical.  With a few tweaks and a couple of revisions, I ended up with a program that provides the following types of maps. 

Just Click on an image to see a full size version of the map


Moderate Size


Medium Size


Large Size

Level_11.maze (Small)

Small Size

Level_19.maze (small)

Small Size

Level_31.maze (really large)

Large Size

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Ant Attack Game


Ant Attack Main Menu

Ant Attack is one of the many games I am working on.  This concept of idea demo was developed using Game Maker 8.1

Basically, my ultimate goal is to have a program that runs on IPad/Itouch and Android based smartphones/tablets.  The concept is to squish the invading ant hordes.  For now, you must use your mouse to click on em to kil them.

Black ants are easy to kill with a single "hit" (left-click).  Blue ants require 2 "hits" to kill, Red ant require 3 "hits" to kill and Gold/Yellow ants are basically like Black ants but are fast.  This demo version includes basic high scores, instructions and placeholder art.  Final Art is still a work in the process.

Youc an download and share the demo file here AntSquash.exe

Enjoy and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Games, games and more games


Our free2play portion of our website has really taken off and is growing left and right.  We have over 400 games published to the site with another 300 games pending publication over the next few days. 

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Halloween Games


Check out our Free2Play games and all of the Halloween themed games that have been added in just the past 24 hours.

Looking forward to Turkey Shootin' games for Thanksgiving and who knows what for Christmas, maybe Reindeer killing spree or possibly Physics based get Santa downt he chimney.  I have no idea, but I want to thank all of the game design authors for their whimsical games.  Thanks for all the hard work so we can have fun.

YAGDS games will be joining the plethora of game content on the web in the near future.  It will be posted here first!





Free2Play all the time, Are you Free2Play?

We have added a Free2Play Flash Game site under the Free2Play link in the Nav Bar.

Are you Free2Play?  If so, come on over and enjoy Free Games, Available all the time!  More features coming soon!

Check it out today! is now registered by  We have a completly seperate game site devoted to flash games and in-browser games. currently has over 1,500 games.  New content added daily.  Check it out.

Ultima Creator selling Mansion


Richard Garriott, creator of the Ultima Universe Role-playing computer games is selling his Mansion Britannia Manor II.  Read the full story here at


States - Take 2


O.K.  it seems I covered a lot of information in the last posting and because of the DAMN Blogging software I am using cutting the last quarter of the previous post I never got to finish what I wanted to say.  I am not going to continue with examples of the XOR operator at this time.  Instead I am going to discuss why the use of Binary is preferred over other methods.

Take for example our monster with the 8 previously defined states: Awake, Hungry, Enraged, Poisoned, Trapped, Crippled, Confused and Scared.  Why not just setup a string with zero's and one's in it like "00000110" and store the string in memory.  The quick answer is because it is not efficient in two ways.

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NPC States


I am going to try and post a basic topic of interest each week.  While my topics will generally be geared toward application for gaming, the topics should be of interest to programmers in general.  I will use psuedo-code in most cases, but will also try to include Basic code for any specifics.  I normally code in Purebasic or DarkBasic but also do some coding in C/C++, PHP and Perl (of which I hate C/C++ the most).


The first topic I want to address is "Stateful"-NPCs.  A "Stateful"-NPC is a computer controlled actor that can recognize different "States" of the game.  For example, each NPC monster might have a "State" of Hunger.  If they are hungry ("Hunger state = 1"), they may be allowed to wonder further than normal from their spawn point.  If they are not hungry ("Hunger state = 0") then they stay closer to their spawn point, and/or return.  If an NPC monster has a Hunger state = "1" and there is a nearby NPC Mob that is smaller then it can attack and eat.  This would allow for a wondering adventurer to hear/see "natural" activities.

For example suppose we want to define the following states of an NPC:

  • Does the NPC currently have a quest to hand out?
  • Does the NPC have a magical item for reward?
  • Does the NPC have a normal item for reward?
  • Does the NPC have a monetary reward?

We can set this up in several ways Read More

Where we are


Well this is the first of hopefully many, many blog-post to come.  Basically, just want to get the ball rolling, so the speak, and provide a limited look through the keyhole.

Current Projects

  1. Escape from Dwarf Mountain - a First Person Shooter-type game where the object is to get out of a Dwarf Prison and through multiple-levels of Dwarf occupied mines.  Three levels of play provide for different time requirements and styles of play.  Easy will be a 10 level, easy to kill Dwarfs mobs only, lots of loot dungeon.  Moderate will be a 25 level, semi-tough mobs (Dwarfs + some other nasties), less loot dungeon.  Hard will be a 100 level, hard to kill mobs (a few Dwarfs, with lots of other nasties and maybe one or two Dragons), loot based on level and difficulty of mobs. This game was first started as part of The Game Creators and INTEL Atom Developers "But I Want to Explode Zombies on my Netbook" Competition.  The game was not finished in time, as a lack of good 3-D artwork prohibited us from releasing an unfinished game.  The game draws from the original ROUGE/Nethack by making LARGE RANDOMLY GENERATED 512x512 and 1024x1024 dungeon level mazes.  The game also features perma-death mode or death-restarts level with limited save (only current level is saved and you can not go back to previous levels).

    3D representation of part of the randomly generated mazeEscape From Dwarf Mountain - part of large randomly generated maze

    Dwarf Model from Escape from Dwarf MountainEscape from Dwarf Mountain - Dwarf Model

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